YAM at LUNA Fête 2018

A collaborative audio-visual poem by ten youth artists of Young Artist Movement (YAM) with lead artists Carl Joe Williams and Andrew Wade Smith

As the lead for the digital media component of this project, Andrew emphasized for the young mural artists of YAM, the concept of “computer assisted art” as opposed to “computer-generated art”. He reinforced the idea to the group that “…we will use technology to arrange in time, and amplify our hand-made, tactile works, while rhythmically imagining and re- imagining Gallier Hall with our virtual murals…”

Artist Carl Joe Williams led the group in the creation of new visual works, and contributed with a “painting performance” and allowed for the reinterpretation or “video remixing” of his sculptures. Additionally, Carl brought in some of his original music.

Woven throughout, was the offering of voice and words by YAM/ youth intern, Elijah Turk with the additional voice of Shanti Broom. Below you can listen to an excerpt of this new work, including accompanying music and sound design by Andrew.

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