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Andrew Wade Smith is an independent media artist focusing on creative audio visual and lighting displays for museum exhibits, retail and public spaces, live performance, as well as permanent architectural applications.

Enthralled by the interplay of light and sound in the natural and built worlds, Andrew utilizes digital projection and multi- phonic sound design in the pursuit of poetic, environmental intervention.

While image and sound production are life-long passions, Andrew’s sensitivity and response to given environments inform his process and are the foundation of his professional work.

Andrew has enjoyed finding and fulfilling needs within highly diverse sets of creative and technical teams.

With roots in New Orleans. LA, Andrew is currently based in Portland OR.

Andrew says:

I have been involved with the creative application of audio- visual media for over 35 years (since I was a young teenager) experimenting at that point with 35mm slide media as well as 16mm film loops, all while abusing the family cassette/ stereo system in pursuit of strange and unique sound recordings.

I consider myself a projection and projector fetishist.

Throughout my 20s and 30s I did studio work in multiple visual mediums and performed live music, while also working independently in film and video production. In 1997 I accepted a full time job with the Design and Exhibit Department at the Audubon Nature Institute in my home town, New Orleans. There I developed video components for interactive exhibits at the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium of the Americas, and Louisiana Nature Center. Some of this work is still on display at these venues.

While at Audubon, I concurrently developed independent work producing creative media installations and digital branding for corporate events and concerts. This was fueled largely by the convention and tourism industry in New Orleans, and by 2001, with some national and then international work, I left Audubon to focus solely on this Independent path.


Andrew is supported by a network of creative media and technical specialists and delivers a range of professional services which include: 


Technical design services

project development

pre- visualization



video capture- edit

motion graphics

music & sound design

media acquisition & management

media integration

remote media management


projection and video wall systems

interior/ exterior lighting & sound systems


stunt projection

video mapping

live video mixing

scenic lighting


custom projection surfaces

custom display rigging hardware