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The participation in, and facilitation of creative process is a mysterious obligation. (more)

New Music

Listen to ‘Bat Pow Jazz’ by Andrew with Dick Titterington on Piccolo trumpet, trumpet, coronet and flugelhorn. More music HERE.


Despite my career path, I am not one who feels that every square inch of the world should one day be covered in pixels. While the technical tools for the marriage of media to environment continually entice me, I am mindful of what artist Ali Moneni described to me as "the tyranny of the RGB"

Lovejoy Studio/ Thanks to team Spitball: Joel Jackson, Joel Lesher, Jesse Blanchard, Candace Lapp, Brent Williams, Jonathan Wright.

Breckenridge Creative Arts/ Tin Shop, in preparation for WAVE festival, 2017 Thank you: Breckenridge Creative Arts
Andrew Wade Smith/ Tin Shop, WAVE festival, 2017, Breckenridge, CO Thank you Breckenridge Creative Arts.

With live cymatic demonstration from Eric Buchner

Napa Lighted Arts Festival 2017


Good Gallery in Portland, OR. Creative support: Ryan Olson, Brent Williams

Andrew Wade Smith w/ additional creative support from David Sullivan Thank you Breckenridge Creative Arts, Infocus Corporation
Andrew Wade Smith with David Sullivan and Courtney Egan. Part of the Portland Winter Light Festival, 2016. Vist www.processartifact.com for more
For Beloved Presents, First Congregational Church, Portland Oregon

Image capture, music and sound design:

All image capture music, sound design and post production by: Andrew Wade Smith

Random image making and other work documentation:

Mixed Media/ print