Andrew at Napa Lighted Arts Festival, 2017

This page contains work in progress relating to my upcoming installation at the Napa Lighted Arts Festival, Dec. 9- 17th in Napa CA.

I am grateful to the City of Napa, Infocus Corporation, David Humphreys at New World Resources, and David Sullivan for supporting this project.

Soft Portal/ Seed:

Here is a quick look at one of many elements in production for my Installation at the Napa Lighted arts Festival. It Features new, origianal, stop- motion animation and other camera work, composited with archival scientific footage.


Original video elements:

Here is an excerpt from my videography reel, which contains elements I will be integrating into my installation.



Here are 3 still compositions featuring archival time lapse footage of plant growth, composited and remixed. This, again, is representative of the high- contrast, organic forms I will be working with on the brick facade Napa River Inn.


Pre- Visualization of Installation at Napa River Inn:

And last, here is one representation of projections as I have envisioned them, on the Napa River Inn, for Napa Lighted Arts Festival, 2017