germinate/ cultivate/ integrate

at Napa Lighted Arts Festival, 2017

In this multi-image projection installation, the artist amplifies ideas around the miraculous persistence of botanical life. Macro images of seed germination and plant development are woven together with additional visual artifacts of water and light. Architectural details within this brick facade serve as a primary inspiration for the interconnecting compositions.

Gratitude to the City of Napa, Infocus Corporation, David Humphreys at New World Resources, and David Sullivan for supporting this project.



"germinate/ cultivate/ integrate" at the Historic Napa Mill / Napa River Inn


Projection zone 3 (excerpt)

This is an excerpt of media as projected into 'zone three' of the three projector installation.


Soft Portals:

These vignettes produced for the the installation feature origianal, stop- motion animation and other camera work, composited with archival scientific footage.



3 still compositions featuring archival time lapse footage of plant growth, composited and remixed.



pre- visualization, preparation and exhibition photos: