Creative audio visual displays for events, exhibits, retail and public spaces, music and theatrical performance, as well as for permanent architectural applications.

Site Specific Media Installation Reel, 2018

Projection test and show for the very nice homeless people living in their cars under the St Johns Bridge, who requested we come back soon with more.

WAVE Festival, 2017 with additional creative support from David Sullivan, Thank you: Infocus Corporation

Manzanita Mapping at Vote For Dancing, 2017 Thanks to Beloved Presents, Lazer, Brant Kilber, Brent Williams, Matthew Rosvold, Roseland Theater crew

SxSW Interactive 2014, opening Party All media display concepts, technical and creative direction by Andrew Wade Smith

Designed and produced by Andrew, this video contains shots of both a 20' and 30' projection tunnel. The 20' tunnel has two archways and the 30' tunnel has three archways.

Andrew Wade Smith with David Sullivan and Courtney Egan. Part of the Portland Winter Light Festival, 2016. Vist for more

Projector, on fire, says “Water” WAVE festival, 2017, Breckenridge, CO

Creative and technical direction, content creation, video mapping by Andrew Wade Smith. Production, coordination: Spitball Media

Breckenridge creative arts artist in residence at the Tin Shop, in preparation for WAVE festival, 2017

Display design and fabrication by Jessey Zapeda, media and live mix by Andrew Wade Smith.

All media display design and content development by Andrew Wade Smith. Thanks to team Spitball: Joel Jackson, Joel Lesher, Jesse Blanchard, Candace Lapp, Brent Williams, Jonathan Wright.

Beloved Music Festival w/ custom fabricated Lotus Flower’ projection screens

Andrew Wade Smith at Good Gallery, Portland, OR, with creative support from Ryan Olson and Brent Williams. Thank you Scott Foster

Sunken Ballroom at the Portland Art Museum/ Inspire Truth event