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Advancements with LASER DLP (digital light processing) PROJECTION:

Much information can be found online regarding the advantages of laser DLP projectors over previous technologies that utilize metal-halide lamps. While some older articles may reference “a downside” or “con” of the newer technology as having “greater, initial expense” this is no longer the case, as laser DLP is well on the way to becoming the dominant technology in digital projection. (in particular, for medium and large venue video projectors)

The consistent message to be found is that laser DLP projectors are superior in virtually every way, including image quality, over-all reliability, efficiency, maintenance- free operation, and most profoundly, in their ability to maintain their brightness over the life of the projector. This last noted improvement is key when considering the use of projection for any permanent installation.

This vast improvement of performance is illustrated in the following chart from AVS forum, which compares a typical lamp- based projector with 50% of it’s initial brightness after 500 hours of use, to a laser- based projector still having 80% of initial brightness at 30,000 hours of use.

DLP laser light comparison.jpg


From Andrew:

Recent developments in digital projection include advanced optical systems that allow large images of great quality to be projected with very little throw- distance. In the following example, the projector is less than 3 feet from the top of the projection surface, and the projected image is just over 10 feet wide.

For anyone with much experience with digital projection, this is clearly a game- changer, opening possibilities for the application of video projection that were not possible before, for any one of of a number of technical reasons.

Field- test of custom projector flyware, and 'ultra-short-throw' laser DLP projector.