Museum/ Exhibition/ Event

  • Passive display, large- scale media spectacle, interactive...

NMAH 'The Cloud'

For Smithsonian Digital Studio/ I acquired and edited archival footage for the 82 monitors, and designed the 4 channel soundscape, as part of the exhibit "American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith" on permanent display at the National Museum of American History


For Steve Dorand Design/ YOU control the action, as Mr. frog thinks, eats a fly. poops, and MORE!


Apparel sales meeting... She's gonna BLOW!

Multi- Panel Wall with Scenic Build

Brand building/ Original and client- supplied media integrated into a five panel video matrix


Virtual Neon sign, on time, and under- budget!!!

20' Geo- Dome  Mapping

Creative and technical direction, content creation, video mapping by Andrew Wade Smith. Production, coordination: Spitball Media

Body forms

Sales/ Apparel marketing presentation

Ceiling tiles

Entrance to fundraiser/ gala


Manzanita Mapping

Vote For Dancing, 2017 Thanks to Beloved Presents, Lazer, Brant Kilber, Brent Williams, Matthew Rosvold, Roseland Theater crew

OMSI / Renewable Energy

The sun shines on themes of renewable energy at the Oregon Museum of science and industry


With Spitball Media for Roundhouse Agency, this experiential marketing initiative explored themes of big data. I specified the A/V hardware and lighting solutions. Media development from Universal Everything and build by Axiom Custom Products

Dome/ Theater

Custom projection design/ convention booth/ I designed and managed custom fabrication of screens, projection hardware, as well as the onsite build of this 36 seat, 24'  diameter dome theater

Blue Home

Convention booth with custom projection design, video mapping

Lovejoy Studio

All media display design and content development by Andrew Wade Smith.
Thanks to team Spitball: Joel Jackson, Joel Lesher, Jesse Blanchard, Candace Lapp, Brent Williams, Jonathan Wright.

Audubon Nature Institute

At the Audubon Nature Institute in New Orleans (Design/ Exhibits, 1998- 2001) I shot and edited videos for interactive exhibits at the Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas, and the Louisiana Nature Center


This video contains shots of both a 20' and 30' projection tunnel. The 20' tunnel has two archways and the 30' tunnel has three archways.

Soul Fury

For Beloved Presents, First Congregational Church, Portland Oregon