This video features a single Vivitek DU9800Z video projector in portrait mode:

Permanent, Large- scale, exterior installation. We handled all aspects of installation and creative development. Content creation is ongoing, and is handled remotely, along with monitoring of entire display system from video server to projector

Other large- scale media installation:

"Relentless Innocence" is a collaborative audio-visual poem by ten youth mural artists of Young Artist Movement (YAM) with lead artists Carl Joe Williams and Andrew Wade Smith.

germinate/ cultivate/ integrate at Napa Lighted Art Festival. Thank you: David Sullivan, David Humphreys, City of Napa, CA, Infocus Corporation

Substation Transformation. Part of the Portland Winter Light Festival

WAVE Festival, 2017/ with support from David Sullivan, Thank you: Breckenridge Creative Arts, Infocus Corporation

Sunken Ballroom at the Portland Art Museum/ Inspire Truth event

Geo- Dome- Mapping with production and coordination by Spitball Media in association with Dome Guys International

Projection test and show for the very nice homeless people living in their cars under the St. Johns Bridge, who requested we come back soon with more.

For Beloved Presents, First Congregational Church, Portland Oregon