Laurie Shefsky

I have been working with Laurie Shefsky on projects since the early 1990s. This has been, by a long-shot, the most fruitful creative relationship I have known. Her ease of listing to, while speaking musical concepts has always excited, inspired and pushed me. She is profoundly elegant with an electric guitar in her hands and also wickedly creative with her Fender Precision bass. Our trust has endured because we have found a way to work together where we can ‘compositionialize’ in our own, native ways, building within singular musical moments. There is little more satisfying than facilitating her work...

“The sign of what I think of as a great guitar player is not so much in their technical ability, but in hearing their uniqueness to the point that you see there face… Laurie has the style of styles… Her organic approach is instantly recognizable with it’s beautiful dissonance and ballsy rock… it is at once ethereal, melodic and percussive” -Scott Guion (artist/musician and legendary New Orleans guitar shredder)

Laurie Sq.jpg