For Jumping Frog:

Video Projection Tunnel

This video contains shots of both a 20' and 30' projection tunnel, though any length tunnel is possible. Product shelving seen here is optional. The 20' tunnel has two archways and the 30' tunnel has three archways. This custom Projection Tunnel system has been utilized at event entryways, and as an immersive media artery leading from one event space to another. The possibilities for audio/ visual and interactive media are many!!!

Moon Storm

A lightning storm on the Moon in the Portland Center Stage Atrium for their 30th Annual Gala

Custom Dome Theater:

Display and room design, video mapping etc, by Andrew Wade Smith for Spitball Media with Dome Guys International

Film premier “working with what is available”

Video integrated into neon- wall- window at the Empirical Theater of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Geo-dome mapping:

Creative and technical direction, content creation, video mapping by Andrew Wade Smith. Production, coordination: Spitball Media

Interactive particle generation with mapped geometry:

Collaborative/ Educational/ Outreach:

"Relentless Innocence" is a collaborative audio-visual poem by ten youth mural artists of Young Artist Movement (YAM) with lead artists Carl Joe Williams and Andrew Wade Smith. This digital media spectacle was driven by original works of painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, spoken word, music and sound design. We used technology to amplify and weave together our hand-made artworks over time, rhythmically imagining and re-imagining Gallier Hall with our virtual murals.

All content development, projection and display design shown here was under the creative and technical direction of Andrew Wade Smith. Vist for more

Image Capture, post, music and sound design:

Image capture and post- production, music and sound design by: Andrew Wade Smith