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The Fragility of Media

From LAST CENTURY (1999)

...An intermedia environment defined by the non-traditional display of "found media" Andrew Wade Smith with Gregory John Wildes—- ‘image blended 16mm film loops’ projected on translucent screens and walls -projected experimental slide media -Custom- framed, wall- mounted, multimedia art- objects. -Teeter TV 1.0 featuring kinetic, directional sound with additional, quadraphonic soundscape. Greg Wildes supported the visual movement here with the production of a 90 minute, quadraphonic soundscape as well as with metal fabrication for the framing of six, wall- mounted, mixed- media pieces. I am grateful to Jonathan Ferrara for his support and trust, in allowing us to experiment with different ideas in the gallery over the course of the month. Much learned, much fun! Additionally, this show would not have been possible in full without the generous support of Brad Brewster, Donnie Estopinal and Steve Daffner. - Andrew Wade Smith