Brian Berthiume

While watching Brian Berthiume play in Concrete Buddha at uptown New Orleans night clubs, when I was 15-16 years old, he was no less than an adult, professional rock and Roll musician, with a real, Gibson Les Paul. When he records with me he becomes trance- like, centered with his guitar and effects pedals. More so than anyone I can think of it looks and feels like a disciplined practice of love and devotion, if not full- blown religion. I’m grateful to Steve Daffner who calls Brian a ‘master of guitar tone’ and suggested to me that I ask Brian to record with me a few years ago. Brians’s enthusiasm and sensitivity around all aspects of music can feel intoxicating. In conversations in and around our sessions, he effortlessly unravels relevant music theory, connecting dots on musical archetypes and style, as relates to his approach with the music.

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Always real- time and appropriate, Brian knows what sounds right. He knows what frequencies will work. He knows what effects are going to balance. His depth of knowledge, and intense personality and comedy come through in his playing. His own unique style persists, even as he channels all of the electric guitar giants… -Scott Guion

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