The participation in, and facilitation of creative process is a mysterious obligation.

While there is no immediate comparison to the shared human experience of love and physical intimacy, a successful creative collaboration or just a positive art experience is as close a proxy as may be expected. On its most personal level, production is fueled by the emotional relief of establishing a new relationship or returning to a familiar type of engagement with tools, materials and techniques. These impulses, and their place as an ongoing spiritual arrangement can feel like enough for me, as in the typical idea of “journey as destination…”

The participation in exhibition is an all together different honor.

The most profound experiences I have known from music, art, film, poetry, etc, are around a dual state of being deeply enamored by a creative spectacle which I do not fully understand. It may be in fact that longer I am suspended in this specific state, the more successful I am likely to consider the work to be.

An ongoing path in my life- long creative exploration has been among the intertwining tools and languages of audio- visual communications, with a deep fascination of how these may become integrated, or used in aesthetic, creative harmony with physical space. The most successful of my Media Installations have played in vibrant hybridity, within related realms.

-Andrew W. Smith