Exterior video projections at Margaritaville, Biloxi, MS


Hey Greg,

We are still awaiting your Amex payment of $41,182.00.

With this payment we'll be ready to replace that projector as soon as the first week of Febuary, and be ready to continue business with you if you want to move forward.

We know how busy you must, be so have included here the budget proposal followed by your approval email, along with a video recap of the work we have done for you.

Marg Approved Budget_1.jpeg

Margaritaville/ Biloxi R&D

For New World Resources- Here is a quick look at phase 1 of a permanent, exterior installation. It features a single 18,000 lumen, laser DLP projector. We handled all aspects of installation and content development.  Creative development is ongoing, and is handled remotely, along with remote monitoring of of display system diagnostics from video server through to the projector.

Here is a quick look at our R&D work at Margaritaville, Biloxi, MS on 10-9 and 10-10-17, with a single Vivitek DU9800Z 18k lumen, laser DLP projector.

From our initial site visit (R&D) this video shows a composite of two separate projection zones. In this way it is a SIMULATION of the scale of coverage which might be achieved with the addition of a second projector.