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Within Feedback

by Andrew Wade Smith

Written, arranged, edited and mixed by Andrew Wade Smith with:
Laurie Shefsky, Jason Portera, Mike Hogan, Brian Berthiaume and Matt Aguiluz

Produced by Andrew with Laurie Shefsky and Mike Hogan. Mastered by Mike Hogan/ Necromancer Digital.

Andrew: vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, keys, synth and waveform modulation
Laurie Shefsky: electric guitars, electric bass — Jason Portera: electric guitars — Mike Hogan: electric and acoustic basses — Brian Berthiaume: electric guitars — Shurd Rice: electric guitars — Marcia McReynolds: vocals — Matt Aguiluz: trumpet — Shane Lief: percussion — Eric Buchner: flute — Knuckle Underless: keyboards, Tabla

Recorded by Andrew in Portland OR / New Orleans LA / Yacolt WA / Olympia WA
Mike’s bass recorded by Mike at Necromancer Digital / NOLA
Laurie’s bass recorded by Laurie at Shaggerty Manor / NOLA
Matt’s horns recorded at Straight Wire / NOLA, with Steve Daffner.

Support on this project came from: Heather Whisner, Io Curtis Smith, Ronald Bocian, Charlie Chrisafulli, Jane Winhall-Rice.