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Andrew Wade Smith

Independent Media Artist, and life- long “Projection Fetishist”


"Relentless Innocence" is a collaborative audio-visual poem by ten youth mural artists of Young Artist Movement (YAM) with lead artists Carl Joe Williams and Andrew Wade Smith. This digital media spectacle was driven by original works of painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, spoken word, music and sound design. We used technology to amplify and weave together our hand-made artworks over time, rhythmically imagining and re-imagining Gallier Hall with our virtual murals.

Background and origin of process:

I have been involved with the creative application of projected media for over 35 years (since I was a young teenager) experimenting at that point with 35mm slide media as well as 16mm film loops. Throughout my 20s and 30s I did studio work in multiple visual mediums while also working independently in film and video production. In 1997 I accepted a full time job with the Design and Exhibit Department at the Audubon Nature Institute in my home town, New Orleans. There I developed video components for interactive and other exhibits at the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium, and Nature Center. Some of this work is still on display at these venues.

While at Audubon, I concurrently developed independent work producing creative media installations and digital branding for corporate events and concerts, fueled largely by the convention and tourism industry in New Orleans. By 2001, with some national and then international work, I was able to leave Audubon and focus solely on this Independent path.

Directly following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I moved with my family from New Orleans to Portland Oregon and soon incorporated with two partners to form Spitball Media. We were a small agency which focused on media installation as well as short-form video documentary and marketing pieces.

Spitball Media had a great, near 10 year run, but in 2015, we went our separate ways.

I co-produced and edited the first video (below) for InFocus Corporation with Spitball Media in early 2010 for the launch of their 5500 series projectors. I had recently introduced and demonstrated the concept of video projection mapping to them, at their headquarters in Portland, OR.

At this time, the term ‘Video Mapping’ had yet to become ubiquitous. I, myself, had not heard the term and outside of my own work, the associated techniques had not yet been explored by anyone in my realm of video technicians, artists, event planners or concert/ festival producers.

I had been calling this self-taught process “projection plotting”

Having no specialized ‘video mapping software’ my workflow had some origins in experimentation that I was doing as early as 1994, with slide projectors.

With a mix of photo- copy and colored sharpies on transparency film, this ‘pre- digital’ way of composing with projected light and color, was not as much crude as it was stylishly loose (ha!)

First, I would project a ‘reference grid’ on the walls and objects in my studio. Next, with a pencil and paper I would interpret the way the projected lines of the grid interacted with the real world. I could then use this sketch as a reference to create compositions on a new piece of slide film that would relate to the room when projected, adding shape and color.

At some point around 2003 I saw some photos in a trade journal with some particularly impressive multi- image, video projection that had been integrated onto the different angled walls of a event space. I immediately thought that this was in some way the digital media incarnation of my trick with the slide projector…. My own process on “Mapping” with video projection began to develop quickly from there … More on this evolution later…

(from 2010) “Projection Plotting ” at “The Log Cabin Spaceship”

Spitball Media tests out the InFocus IN5534 WUXGA DLP projector while demonstrating projection plotting at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon.

(from 2012) Explanation of mindblowing DLP Projection Technology

Video projection guru Mike Labare at InFocus talks with Andrew Wade Smith about DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection technology. See Andrew’s mind get blown at approximately 52 secs in, here.

Vivitek DU9800Z Laser DLP Projector/ Field Tests

With New World Recources. All scenarios shown here were produced with a single, Vivitek DU9800Z and a “quick and dirty” onsite workflow, i.e: no pre-production and between 15- 30 mins. set-up time each. THANK YOU: Jessey Zapeda, Adapt lighting, Columbia Ecovillage, Adrien Del Biaggio, Portland Bureau of Police.

some recent work with Vivitek Projectors:

Vivitek DU9800Z Laser DLP Projector at Margaritaville, Biloxi, MS, USA (single projector/ portrait mode)

With New World Resources/ Permanent, large- scale, exterior installation - We handled all aspects of installation and creative development. Content creation is ongoing, and is handled remotely, along with monitoring of entire display system from video server to projector

This project with New World Resources included initial consultation on feasability, screen fabrication and installation of the Vivitek DU7095Z, as well as a NovoDS unit for remote media management and playback.

Installation, Reel 2018

All content development, projection and display design shown here was under the creative and technical direction of Andrew Wade Smith.

Additional creative media installation work from Andrew

WAVE festival, Breckenridge CO

Napa Lighted Arts Festival, Napa CA

SUN - VOLCANO - FROG - These three examples of video projection mapping show the form’s strength in support of exhibit themes, interactive components, and scenic design.

Creative and technical direction, content creation, video mapping by Andrew Wade Smith. Production, coordination: Spitball Media

With Spitball Media for Roundhouse agency. This experiential marketing initiative explored themes of big data. Andrew specified the A/V hardware and lighting solutions. Media development from Universal Everything and build by Axiom.

All media display design and content development by Andrew Wade Smith. Thanks to team Spitball: Joel Jackson, Joel Lesher, Jesse Blanchard, Candace Lapp, Brent Williams, Jonathan Wright.

PROJECTOR ON FIRE SAYS: WATER Andrew Wade Smith at WAVE festival, 2017, Breckenridge, CO Thank you Breckenridge Creative Arts.

Portland Winter Light Festival, Portland, OR

Portland Museum of Art, Sunken Ballrom, Inspire Truth event

Under direction of the Smithsonian Digital Studio, Andrew with media acquisition, edited footage for the 82 monitors, and designed the 4 channel soundscape, as part of the exhibit "American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith" on permenent display at the National Museum of American History.

Sales meeting featuring video mapping on body forms. Technical workflow and site-specific media production by Andrew Wade Smith

Build and video projection testing for interactive 'Talking Stelae' at Nocturnal house, Audubon Zoo, NOLA

Display design and fabrication by Jessey Zapeda, with video content and live mix by Andrew Wade Smith.

Display and room design, video mapping etc, by Andrew Wade Smith for Spitball Media

Video capture and post production, music and sound design by Andrew:

All image capture and post- production by: Andrew Wade Smith with Ryan Dufrene (on 2nd camera on dancers: Maritza & Nicole) Alex Marshall (2nd camera NYC day) Production support throughout: Ron Bocian, Charlie Chrisafulli, Steve Daffner, Steve Dorand, Ryan Dufrene, Loraine Eberts, Paul Grass, Brant Kilber, Chris Lechler, Dave Mancuso, Alex Marshall, John Myer, Raymond Pumilia, Io C. Smith, David Sullivan, Heather Whisner, Gregory Wildes, Jason White sound design, music: Andrew Wade Smith Guitars: Brian Berthiaume, Jason Portera, Laurie Shefsky, Stephen G. Smith Drums and percussion: Andrew Wade Smith Dancers Nicole Boyd-Buckels, Lucas Cox, Kestrel Gates, Erin Healan, Maritza Mercado- Narcisse, Nick Powell, Rebecca Schnieder, Bands/ Musicians Soul Rebels Brass Band, Euphoria Brass Band, Melvins, The Red Foxtails, Racoteurs, The Coup, The Flaming Lips, Galactic, Zeke, Slash, Adam Sherburne, Thank you to all musicians not mentioned!!! THANK YOU Dean Boudaris, Steve Daffner, Cisco Dietz, Geoffrey Douville, Disco Estopinal, Christopher Fischer, Helen Hill, Joel Jackson, Chris Lane, Joe Lesher, John Meyers, Randy Perez, Gogfrey Reggio, Lindsay Ross, Mary Tait, Brandon, Mary Vega, Contemporary Arts Center, NOLA, Tsunami Dance Company, Audubon Nature Institute, Mount Saint Helen's Institute, Superfly Presents, Monqui Presents, Beloved Presents, Music Fest NorthWest, Spitball Media, Voodoo Music Experience, Willamette Week